And so, we rise.
May 16, 2018
There’s something so satisfying about dealing the first hand from a brand new deck of cards. If you never have, you ought to. The deck, so crisp and orderly, allows you to thumb through each card with precision. The edges are new and sharp. You have full control of each card, and if you stay focused, you can deal flawlessly.

Redbird Entertainment is our new deck of cards.

Enrico and myself started Redbird Entertainment because we wanted to step away from old systems and come together to start something new. A company we could build together using our individual strengths and complementary vision. Taking our combined experiences to create something greater than what we had before.

There’s a duality to why we chose “Redbird”. We’re both graduates of Illinois State University where our mascot was the cardinal and our friendship was forged. But more than just a college connection, the Redbird is also symbolic of the phoenix. A bird that finds new life from the ashes of its predecessor.

And so, we rise.

We are extremely excited to start fresh as leaders of this company with vision and skill. To do things with heart and strength, and to create art and entertainment for all to enjoy. We invite you to work or collaborate with us and see the difference a brand new deck makes.